Do you have a problem in your intimate life? Most couples do. These video Modules offer you very affordable, professional sex solutions by a supportive clinical psychologist and sex therapist with 25+ years of experience. Each Module has action steps you can do today.

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  1. FIXING ERECTION PROBLEMS   (Click Here to View Introduction)
  2. FEMALE ORGASM DIFFICULTIES  (Click Here to View Introduction)
  3. SEXUAL COMMUNICATION IS KEY  (Click Here to View Introduction)
  4. AM I NORMAL?   (Click Here to View Introduction)
  5. WHY YOU WILL NEVER BE TOO OLD FOR SEX  (Click Here to View Introduction)
  6. DOES SIZE MATTER?  (Click Here to View Introduction)
  7. MASTURBATION  (Click Here to View Introduction)
  8. A.  PAINFUL INTERCOURSE: FIXING IT BY YOURSELF (Click Here to View Introduction)
  9. B.  PAINFUL INTERCOURSE: MEDICAL SOLUTIONS  (Click Here to View Introduction)
  10. HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN IN BED (How to be a great lover) (Click Here to View Introduction)
  11. SOLVING SEXUAL FREQUENCY ISSUES  (Click Here to View Introduction)


                                                                        It's time to re--invent sexuality for the 21st century.

       • We need to learn to talk freely about sex, especially with our partners. We must tell our partners what we like and don't like, what hurts, and what feels good. Parents need to talk about sex often with their children in age--appropriate ways. Courageous breaking of the "no-talk" rule results in stronger marriages and families.

• We need to see traditional lovemaking as a process meant for making babies, and as only one of the choices on a huge menu of possibilities. Foreplay + intercourse + orgasm for the man always and for the woman only sometimes needs to change to "she comes first" (if she wants to). Men  who experiment with this approach never regret it!

      • Every bedroom should be a no-fail zone where performance fears, concerns about imperfect appearance and aging have no place. Loving, mutually chosen  touch between committed partners can never be a mistake.

      • Information and services to help couples create joyful sex lives should be affordable and accessible to all.

      • Sex Solutions  donates a portion of its proceeds to charities for children. Veterans who have been deployed in war zones receive services and products for whatever fee they can afford. Donations to assist these efforts and the mission described above are welcome.

Victoria Lee

More about Dr. Victoria Lee, and what Sex Solutions offers you: 

I've been a clinical psychologist and sex therapist for more than 25 years. I'm privileged to have a gift and passion for this work. I know that because so many couples have been kind enough to tell me that our work together was life-changing for their marriages.

After many years of helping all kinds of couples, I treasure that fact that I know the the problems most people face. My track record shows that--in all humility--I also know the solutions.

Passion is your birthright. It is built into your cells and can never be lost. I hope you will join the hundreds of couples I have been privileged to help.

The videos listed above will answer the most common sex questions. I also provide coaching and consultation to people anywhere in the world via Skype, Facetime, email, and telephone. 

  I offer couple therapy and sex therapy in my office in El Sobrante, California (near Berkeley). Please email            [email protected] or call 510.882.2330.


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