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Great Sex Now! by Victoria Lee

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Learn the incredible benefits of  a sacred approach to sex:

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Great Sex Now  gives you 13 Action Steps that cannot fail to change your sex life for the better.

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                                                      Finding Each Other Again: Five Crucial Steps 

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This report shows you how to begin today turning your relationship around. The report gives you action steps for each of the crucial steps that can turn your relationship around. 

Want to revolutionize your sex life?

Learn to enjoy deeper, more ecstatic lovemaking than ever before. The book described below teaches a unique vision and practical tools for how you can make it happen.

Ecstatic Lovemaking: An Intimate Guide to Soulful Sex  by Dr. Victoria Lee

Ecstatic Lovemaking by Dr.Victoria Lee

This book shows you how to solve problems and create new passion by using sacred sexuality tools. Thousands of couples have this book on their nightstands.

Ecstatic Lovemaking  is a great book to read together. There's a chapter for women about men, and a chapter for men about women. There are lots of exciting exercises and techniques for increasing arousal, facilitating orgasm, and improving erection abilities, but it's deeper message is that passion is always your birthright. Your ability to enjoy loving touch is built into your DNA, and cannot be lost, regardless of your age, health or circumstances.

Ecstatic Lovemaking: An Intimate Guide to Soulful Sex shows you how to meet the sexual challenges that come with childbirth, parenting, menopause and aging. It makes it clear that sexuality and spirituality do go together, and that when they you make the choice to bring them together, everything changes. Couples experience more joy, and more bonding than ever before.

Please order this book on  We are working on a Kindle version.

Publisher's Weekly review of Ecstatic Lovemaking:

In a favorable review, Publisher's Weekly said, "It makes a vital connection between healthy sexuality and vibrant spirituality."

Ecstatic Lovemaking offers a unique way to enrich both your sex life and your spiritual life. When we learn to integrate both of these major aspects of our experience, things change--safety is created, problems dissolve, and love deepens. The book teaches exotic, Eastern techniques, and it also addresses ordinary concerns such as how to make erections more lasting and orgasms more reliable.   

About The Rumi Secret: Secrets of History's Most Revered Poet

The Rumi Secret by Dr.Victoria Lee

The Rumi Secret is the first book to show us ways to apply the profound wisdom of America's best-selling poet to our lives. In this book, Rumi-inspired psychologist Dr. Victoria Lee looks at the joys and challenges we all face in love, joy, sex and grief. Rumi illuminates those areas as well as parenting, depression, spiritual practice, addiction, learning to celebrate others' differences, resolving conflict, facing death or finding ways to make a difference. The Rumi Secret shines a bright light on the amazing ways Rumi can help all of us.

Comments on The Rumi Secret  by Hugh Prather:

"This a book which can introduce you to some of deepest wisdom every written. Hugh Prather says: 'Dr. Lee's insights into grief, sex, sickness, religion, communication, emotions, marriage, death and numerous other subjects are profound....Coupled with the writings of Rumi, she has created something timeless yet full of time, something mystical, yet purely practical."

Dr. Lee is also an impassioned performer of Rumi's poetry. You may book her for your event.

Rumi can open our eyes to the stunning beauty in the people, animals and nature all around us. He can help us learn to forgive more easily, have more compassion for ourselves and for others; he can show us how to face our challenges with more courage and more love.

Dr. Lee says, "Whatever the state of your mind and heart, Rumi has precious gems for your soul. If you are in love, or love hungry, if you are celebrating your life or wanting to overhaul it, if you are in the peak of health or facing death, if you are joyful every day or deep in depression, Rumi's profound teachings will meet your needs. Read him enough, and your inner life will blossom like a garden of heirloom roses! I don't know why this poet from 13th century Persia can have this effect on people of all kinds in the 21st century; I just know that it happens to everyone who reads Rumi long enough with an open heart."

Order The Rumi Secret: Spiritual Lessons of History's Most Revered Poet. In this book, psychologist Dr. Victoria Lee speaks of love, sex, grief and joy as spiritual practice.  Please order this book on

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