Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by Hugh Prather

Author's Preface

Part I: How This Book Can Help You

Welcome to Members of 12-Step Programs

Part II. Poetry and Commentary

1. Becoming a True Human Being

2. Rumi Feeds Our Hunger for Love

3. Seeing the Beloved in Every Child’s Eyes

4. A Spiritual Life That Brings Daily Joy

5. Grief: the Ultimate Deepening

6. Apologies and Healing

7. This is How a Human Being Can Change

8. New Love: Glimpses of the Possible

9. The Lessons of Romantic Love

10. What Goes Wrong With Romance

11. The Joyful Inner Work Love Requires of Us

12. Finding a Beauty Beyond Imagining

13. Mystical Joy, Whatever Our Belief or Unbelief

14. Keep Digging Your Well

15. Anger: An Honored Guest

16. Forgiveness as a Spiritual Practice

17. Forgiving Our Parents

18. Giving Up the Need to Change Our Partner

19. Forgiving Partners

20. A Partner’s Inherent Mystery

21. Addiction: Barrier to Life’s Best Joys

22. Addiction and Healing: All Are Vulnerable

23. Alcohol: One Privileged Person’s Story

24. Food Addiction: Barrier to Soul-Music

25. Telling the Truth Can Lead to Breakthroughs

26. Sacred Sexuality

27. Sex Opens the Door to Deep Connection

28. Getting In the Mood

29. No Libido I

30. No Libido II

31. Sex As Metaphor for Seeking the Beloved

32. Family Breakups

33. Betrayal

34. What to Do When We Don’t Know What to Do

35. Cancer Strikes

36. Mother Death

37. Fearless Dying: Rumi Shows the Way

38. Spiritual Practice: Consistency is the Essence

39. The Vastness Within

40. Overwhelming Gratitude

Part III: Applications: The Work of Rumi

1. Opening to the Love That Surrounds Us

2. Anger: Acknowledging and Releasing

3. Forgiveness: Love’s Essential Tool

4. Relationships and Soul-Growth

5. Epilogue

Part IV: Appendix

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