How to Get Help Now

Here's how you can access the service that's right for you

Note to those in Danger or Great Pain:
The services and products shown here are not meant for those in emergency situations. Call 911 now if you are in physical pain or danger. If you are thinking about suicide any time of day or night, call (800) 273.8255 which is (800) 273.TALK.

If you use one of our services or products, and feel that the value received was not worth the price, notify us within 10 days, and your money will be refunded.

We are hoping one of these services will fit your needs and really serve you.  Don't hesitate to contact Dr. Lee if any product or service does not meet your expectations. She will do her best to make it right.


I. Solutions to many sex problems can be found on the homepage of this website.

II. If you live in or can come to the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay area, I provide in person therapy for couples or individuals in my office in El Sobrante, CA (near Berkeley).

III. If you live in any other area or country, please consider the following options that can make a huge difference in your life:

  1. Email inquiry: [email protected]. I provide information as well as resources. There is a fee for this, but first I will try to determine by a free phone call whether or not I can be helpful. Please provide a phone number for this.
  2. Phone Coaching & Consultation. Choose this option if you don't have access to Facetime or Skype. Phone me at 510.882.2330
  3. Skype or Facetime consult: This is the best option if you are unable to see me in my office.  Consider this even if you live in the Bay area.

 Please call or email for fees.

Payment is made in advance by credit card or Paypal on the Make a Payment page of this site.

Then, we we will set a time.  I will call you at the appointed time or answer your email question.

More on the Limitations of online coaching

The work I do via email, phone, Skype and Facetime is best understood as coaching and consultation--as opposed to psychotherapy. If you are clinically depressed, have suicidal thoughts or other serious conditions, person-to-person assistance with a professional in your area is best. If you are unable to find or unable to afford such as person, I will help you search if I can.

About in-office therapy:

Being with an empathic, therapist who really listens, gets you, and supports you is a precious opportunity. I have been that person for many couples and individuals over the years. I also often work in collaboration with other therapists where I provide the sex therapy component of relationship healing. Please call or email me about how this works. Having the courage to seek help when you need it is critical to creating the relationship you long for.

Go to the About Therapy page to watch a short video I've made about how to choose a therapist.

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