Authors Preface

Author's Preface

I wrote this book because I've been incredibly blessed

by a long period of reading Rumi everyday. After you read

him enough, he gets right inside your heart and soul! Your

inner joy starts shining in the eyes of every human being

you meet; along with Rumi, you want to say to them all:

Inside you are sweet beyond telling!

There is a sun in everyone.

The stunning beauty of flowers, poems, animals and

human imperfection starts resonating in your heart like a

symphony. Put a bouquet of roses and lilies on your desk

like I just did, and a flood of gratitude for life's blessings

overwhelms you.

How to say this to one who denies it?

We are made of the sky's cloth

and everything is soul and flowering....

Everything is soul and flowering!

None of this means we get to skip suffering, making

mistakes, unbearable loss, or death. With Rumi as your

guide though, you really don't mind. He shows you how it's

actually possible to celebrate your pain, because that very

pain is what makes possible the deepest experience of your

essential joy. Even the final loss of this phenomenal cage

we call our bodies is not to be feared. Death is something

to meet with courage and curiosity, and Rumi knows the


Meanwhile, we get to struggle--or not--with our fears,

our conflicts, our problems with others, our self-hate, our

environmental and military anxieties, and our tendency to

whine and criticize rather than celebrate.

We also get to laugh, make love, make dinner with

friends, hug babies, admire trees, pet dogs, plant tomatoes,

sing, dance, do good in the world, and start everyday with

poetry. Be warned, if you read Rumi for 100 days or less,

you may find yourself unable to stop!

By integrating Rumi with my own knowledge gained

as a psychotherapist, I hope this book may illuminate new

ways to apply Rumi's wisdom to your own challenges and

joys. Whatever they are, I promise you that Rumi's

contribution will be profound.

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