Great Communication

Becoming skillful about communication in your intimate life greatly enhances your whole relationship. Becoming skillful and comfortable talking about sex with your partner is part of the larger goal of learning to communicate the deep desires of your heart to your partner. When you learn how to let your partner know what you deeply feel and what you deeply want, a loving partner is likely to respond by trying to meet your needs. Learning to express such feelings without blame helps your partner to do this.

Here's an exercise you may want to use to start this kind of dialogue:

• Set aside 

Learn the Latest Communication Technology

Marriage counselors and committed couples have always understood that good communication is essential--essential in love, in family, in sex, and even in friendship. What's new is that years of investigation have resulted in a new technology.
We know now what works--what helps two people with differing views or goals to learn to understand each other well; understanding the other person's needs and viewpoint is the first step in finding areas of agreement
and solving problems.
I've been privileged to teach these skills to hundreds of couples, to the many therapists I've trained, the students I've taught, and to those who've attended my workshops around the country and abroad

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