Limitations and Contraindications

Q. Is this site valuable for everyone?

A. This site has been designed for the large majority of couples. Most individuals and couples absolutely can learn high level relationship and sexual skills on line and from the reports, audio, videos, telephone, email and web-based tools offered here on

However, there are some situations and conditions that suggest the need for timely face-to-face professional assistance, rather than relying on online tools.

Some of these are named below. Please seek professional help immediately if either you or your partner:

• is severely depressed or has thoughts of suicide

• has thoughts of acting violently toward anyone, or fears being the victim of violent acts

• has ever been diagnosed with a serious condition such as schizophrenia or other psychosis, bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder

• feels the need for immediate professional help

• has ever been told by a medical or mental health professional that you need to be on medication for your own health and safety

• is addicted to alchohol or other drugs

The short list above does not include every condition that should cause you to pick up the phone today and call for help. Any uncontrollable emotion--crying, anger, lack of ability to control impulses, profound grief and others--means that you deserve professional support.

In some of the situations sbove, the tools we offer here may still be of value if you are receiving professional care and if you carefully take any prescribed medications.


If you need psychological help, the Psychology Today website is one source of therapists in your area. Most psychologists will assist you in finding immediate help at a price you can afford.

Call 411 for the number of SUICIDE PREVENTION. They provide 24/7 telephone support.

Google "low-fee counseling" to get contact information for low-fee counselors in your area.

Using if you are in therapy

This website is designed to be compatible with and supportive of your work with a local therapist. Please encourage your therapist to visit our site, and to provide feedback about how we can be more helpful.

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