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 Sex Advice by professional sex therapist and psychologist, Dr. Victoria Lee. Also Skype, Facetime, phone and face-to-face. Over a long career, I think I have heard and addressed most sexual issues. I can provide information with support and understanding. 

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I have a mission about sexuality in America and around the world--to teach couples the attitudes and skills that can help them enjoy loving touch throughout their lives. I wrote a book about the subject, and have spoken at many conferences and workshops and universities. The book is based on many years of assisting all kinds of couples to come back to sexual joy. Please fill out the free report form to receive my free report full of powerful exercises and approaches for couples called Finding Love Again. It begins the process of bringing joy to your sex life.

If  you want to explore get in-depth knowledge of the path of joyful and sacred sexuality, my book can really help. 

Ecstatic Lovemaking, spells out the skills you need in careful detail! I'm sharing as much as I can of the book's content on this site. My central message is that the enjoyment of loving touch is available to all. We were created with the ability to enjoy loving touch built into our DNA. Passion is your birthright!

Ecstatic Lovemaking

Get Great Sex Now : The 13 Solutions, It's our exciting new e-book; Get it here  

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